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ARROW Architecture and Engineering was established in 1970. ARROW is an international practice based in Belgium. Our range of work includes urban master planning, infrastructures, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces, hospitality and multi residential buildings, interior and product design. The firm’s practice has diversified over the last four decades, its geographical scope has widened to include projects throughout Western & Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan & Central Africa and the Middle-East. Our international team members and partners have extensive experience and expertise in various design and project development related fields.

Willy Verstraete

Founder + Manager

Willy Verstraete is the Founder and Manager of ARROW Architecture and Engineering. He graduated from Hoger Instituut voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw St. Lucas, Ghent, Belgium in 1964 where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Town Planning and Interior Design.

Willy Verstraete is founder and member of the interdisciplinary group “Gent Morgen” (“Ghent Tomorrow”).
Founder and member of IROS: Instituut voor Ruimtelijke Planning en Stedenbouw (Town Planning Institute).

Member of the following organizations:
- Nationaal Architecten Verbond (National Architects’ Association)
- Orde van Architecten (Professional Architects’ Association)
- Commissie Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Fine Arts Museum Committee, Ghent)
- “Archipel” (architecture & town planning organization)

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Tel: +32 9 223 84 32 
Fax: +32 9 255 31 00

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ARROW researches and develops, through interdisciplinary disciplines and insightful approaches, spacial solutions in order to address economical, societal and cultural challenges on small (architectural) and large (urban) scale. Our practice is network oriented, ARROW links diverse disciplines in a cross pollination platform to achieve the highest quality, from early incentives to complete realisations.

The scale and complexity of many contemporary projects prompted us to unite diverse professional disciplines into an integrated practice where architects and engineers combine their knowledge to provide sustainable design solutions by collaborating closely and creatively. This interdisciplinary approach enables ARROW to execute and to coordinate assignments independently, or with close collaboration with specialised practices.

By linking diverse professionals together, challenges can be tackled within a great pool of knowledge, each with its own potential, adding up to the benefit of the client.


Awards & Distinctions